Goddess of love, beauty, war, life, death, and seduction.


I am the definition of ROYALTY. An Ebony Queen, who travels all over the world, because the whole Universe belongs to me. I come and go as I please. Goddess Freeya is what you will call me. You will bow down on the ground that I stand on in the begging position. In front of my giant stunning mesmerizing 6’0 figure statuesque, you will beg me to torment you, but i will do whatever makes me happy….if you think you can figure me out just from looking at me you’re a FOOL. It’s impossible to suck me all in visually, for i’m a Queen much too powerful to be controlled. My energy will silently call upon you wherever you are. I know your deepest, darkest thoughts, and what to do with them. I’ve been waiting for you to show up, so I can give you the pain that you crave in life…the craving that you know will make you a better man. I have a good understanding in the psychological aspects of your journey, your thoughts are safe with me. I’m well rounded as all Queens should be, that’s well educated, well mannered, elegant, and fashionable with a kinky mind. I have a superb taste in wardrobe including leather, latex, rubber as well as a softer side like lingerie and costumes. I enjoy most BDSM activities and most of all making you a better you. Every Queen has a military. You will be trained and disciplined on how to serve me properly in order to fall in line with the rest of the soldiers, to protect, serve, worship, and build the empire of Goddes Freeya.

Although i have a dark twisted mind, I’m still a LADY, sensual and playful BUT strict…if i share some of my fetishes it is to give you a hint on how to get my attention. I’m a fetish model/fashion designer, so I like nice things. Some of my personal fetishes are: latex, leather, vintage lingerie, stockings, nylon, uniforms, shoes, boots, sunglasses, bondage, and smoking. Now you have some ideas on how to impress the Queen.